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Paris is more than a city, it’s a myth.

All the time and everywhere, she had aroused worship or hate, but never indifference.
She was seen as a capital- not only of France- but, in turn, of luxury, of fashion, of spirit, of grace, of liberty, of revolution, of art, and of vice.

She quickly became a personage more than a metropolis. This city is one of those, certainly rare on the Earth, which has a power to be “alive through its past”.

History is present everywhere in Paris, without Paris being a city-museum.
History continues to live in Paris because Paris made history, and because Paris is history.

Her tumultuous past, rich and stimulating, left its traces on every corner.

Despite inevitable “modernization”, the daughter of the Seine and the King is always there and her charm is not even close to being snuffed out.

Paris, images et traditions de Auguste Vitu
©1989, Editions de la Fontaine au Roy, Paris.
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