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Organisation of classes

Elena Gantchikova
Either Weekly or Semi-weekly classes
with a concert at the end of the school year,

or 5-10 days intensive training courses one or several times per year (possible with accommodation). The intensive training courses are the ideal option for theirs who are far from Paris; for students of conservatory and for young pianists who prepare the exams and for the international competitions.

Weekly classes

Local students receive their lessons once or twice each week and practice at home.

The intensive daily course of study

Students of conservatories and professional pianists
who live in Paris (and in the Paris area), can make a reservation for a training course of several days of normal classes depending on their needs to prepare an exam, a competition, or a concert.

Those who live in other French departments, or in other countries, can come for training at my studio, which offers a splendid concert version Boston piano, during the week or on the weekend. Trainings can be of any duration, for example, one day or 10 days at a time.

Students may work individually and may stay in the guest room.
Residents of minor age must be accompanied by a parent or tutor.

My studio is situated in Colombes, a Paris suburb only ten minutes by train from the St. Lazare station, which is near the Grand Opera and the concert hall Gaveau.

The pacing, or rhythm, of instruction is important. For example, young Sergei Rachmaninov and Alexandre Skriabine learned in an ideal training situation. They lived at the house of their master, Nicolai Zverev (1833-1893) who gave them their scheduled lessons, and also was available to help with their daily work. Their master divided his time between his pupils (fixed timetables). That allowed each pupil to train and practice individually, to complement their studies with visits to the opera, concerts and museums, and to simply to take a rest. During a certain time, Sviatoslav Richter also lived at the house of Heinrich Neïghause. Good musicians are produced by proper and regular individual instruction of, and attentive instructional attitude towards, motivated pupils.

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