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Why does one need to play the piano

Why does one need (or wish) to play the piano? For that matter, why am I playing the piano? One answer is that the performance of music is an effective and acceptable vehicle for expressing one’s innermost feelings.

Nowadays, many of those living in society expect others to usually behave very reasonably and even sometimes indifferently. So, seldom have we an opportunity to show our true face(s). Fearing to seem strange in the eyes of our circles and, consequently, fearing perhaps to attract criticism or even mockery, we do not feel free to express our delight, love, fear, sadness, ire, and other deep feelings. Where speech fails, however, music can ably succeed.

The greatest composers created their music being held by such feelings.

The instant when you play such music is one of those rare opportunities you can innocently be yourself.

Elena Gantchikova - Recital in the concert hall of Sacha Guitri - Maison de la Radio at Paris

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