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As I am a performing pianist, I teach my pupils—beginning with the first lesson—the correct way to hold their hands so that they are able to give a two-hour concert without tiring themselves.

Especially during the first years of piano instruction, I believe that it is unwise for students to take in-group lessons, half-hour lessons with a professor-apprentice or to employ a professor who doesn’t practice regularly.

The higher the professor’s level, the more quickly the pupil will feel at ease at the piano and be able to choose to play any piece he would like.

Rudiments of music

I never separate rudiments of music from piano. The rudiment of music is simply the knowledge of reading scores. You learn how to read your first, second, third piece and, very soon, you are able to sight-read the more and more complicated scores without insurmountable effort; it is so logic and so simple!

“At the age of ten, Elena Gantchikova gave her first solo concert, and then played in the Great Concert Hall of the State Moscow Conservatory Tchaikovsky.” Viktor Tikhonov « RM »

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