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My role as professor of piano

The teacher is your mirror,

                                            your adviser,

                                                                 your colleague and

                                                                                                 your coach.

None of videos, or methodological documents could replace the physical presence of a teacher.

The essential thing – is the individual approach towards each pupil. Each person has his own aptitudes, difficulties, and talents. Trough my long teaching experience, I’ve never met two similar pupils. Each individual is unique.

It is very important to explain and to show the methods of piano playing, the touch, and to teach a pupil to play at home by a self-sufficient way.

The stars of classical ballet work daily with a teacher. Event the most experienced pianists need a permanent qualified and kind supervision.

To learn most effectively, it is desirable for the student to have a professor who knows how to teach and who has attained a good professional level. The most effective means of training the young is the imitation of actions or behaviour of an adult or a professional. For example, animal babies learn by imitating the behaviour of their parents. Human children likewise use imitation to learn their native language from their parents and families. It follows that, piano professors who dominantly use theoretical and/or lecture-based methods, rather than demonstrating to the student how to play, will turn out less capable musicians. My students progress most effectively through a proven combination of demonstration, practi sed replication, and oral instruction.

I ably play music and am trained for the music professor vocation. For effective student learning, an instructor must have both performance and teaching skills. For example, not every native speaker is able to teach his language to foreigners. Having been a student, a performing artist, and teacher, I understand what someone feels who has never before played the piano, and I understand how he should be led forward, with ease, towards success.

Having learned, over a 10 year period, the four principal educational disciplines and having had a great deal of experience teaching, I can say that it is possible to teach the piano to any motivated person.

Elena Gantchikova - Recital in the concert hall Serguei Rachmaninov in Moscow

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