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The principals targets of my teaching.

  • To make classes of music interesting and fascinating.

  • To make piano play pleasant and suitable for pupils, piano lovers, and young pianists.

  • To help you to become self-sufficient as soon as possible, to teach you how to learn by rational and efficient manner to make you play any composition of your choice.

  • To teach you to play and to express all the timbres and all the musical nuances to bring the pleasure to your listeners.

  • To help and to explain you how to learn compositions by heart.

  • To teach you to manage the stress that you can have before going on stage.

  • To relieve students and pianists of faults acquired and of muscle contractions; the difficulties linked to the technical work, to the rapid rhythms and score reading (in case when such kind of problems appear).

Elena Gantchikova – Recital in the concert hall of Glinka Museum in Moscow

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